8th HEAD Meeting, 8-11 September, 2004
Session 8 Pulsars and Magnetars
Poster, Wednesday, September 8, 2004, 9:00am-10:00pm

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[8.12] Search for high energy emission from AXPs using RXTE

E. Kalemci (SSL / UC Berkeley), E. Gogus, U. Ertan, M. A. Alpar (Sabanci University), W. Coburn (SSL / UC Berkeley)

The X-ray emission from anomolous X-ray pulsars (AXP) is generally soft, and therefore their spectral and temporal properties have been characterized with soft X-ray instruments usually operating below 30 keV. However, recent detection of 1E 1841-045 with the INTEGRAL observatory and the subsequent analysis with the PCA, BeppoSAX, and HEXTE showed that higher energy emission up to 100 keV is present for this source. Over the course of the mission there have been numerous RXTE observations of various AXPs resulting in a rich archival dataset. Using these observations we have searched for high energy emission up to 200 kev, both pulsed and non-pulsed, from all known AXPs. Here, we report on our findings from this search, and compare the results from the expectations of different models that describe the high energy emission from AXPs.

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