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Session 26 AGN/Galactic Nuclei
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[26.32] Chandra observations of the X-ray luminous star-forming galaxy NGC3310

A. Zezas (SAO), I. Georgantopoulos (Nat. Obs. of Athens), M. Ward (University of Leicester), G. Fabbiano, A. Prestwich (SAO)

We present results from the Chandra observation of the nearby star-forming galaxy NGC3310. NGC3310 is one of the most X-ray luminous star-forming galaxies in the nearby universe (\rm{LX~041~erg/s}). Its X-ray emission is resolved into 24 X-ray sources down to a detection limit of \rm{3\times1037~erg/s} and a strong diffuse component. The X-ray sources follow very closely the star-forming regions within the galaxy. We detect a very weak X-ray source in the nuclear region of the galaxy, which shows that its high X-ray luminosity is due to star-formation rather than a hidden AGN.

This work is partly supported by NASA grants GO2-3111X and NAG5-13056

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