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Session 17 Neutron Stars and X-ray Binaries
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[17.25] XMM-Newton observations of Fe absorption line features from low-mass X-ray binaries.

M. Diaz-Trigo, A. Parmar (Astrophysics Missions Division, Research and Scientific Support Dept. of ESA, ESTEC, The Netherlands), L. Boirin (SRON, The Netherlands)

XMM-Newton observations of Fe absorption features from a number of low-mass X-ray binaries are presented and their properties compared. Features from highly ionized (He- and H-like) Fe are observed. With the exception of GX 13+1, all the systems that exhibit Fe absorption features are also dip sources,suggesting that such features are more prominent when observed from close to the orbital plane. However, in contrast to the dipping activity, there does not appear to be any strong dependence of their properties on orbital phase. The only exception to this is that during dipping activity, there is evidence for the presence of cooler material in the line of sight. The 5.2 hr dip source XB 1746-371 located in the globular cluster NGC6441 is unusual in that no Fe absorption features were detected during a long XMM-Newton observation with an upper limit equivalent width of 3 eV, a factor ~10 less than typically seen from other systems.

Acknowledgements. M. Diaz-Trigo acknowledges an ESA Fellowship.

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