8th HEAD Meeting, 8-11 September, 2004
Session 34 Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays
Oral, Saturday, September 11, 2004, 2:00pm-3:26pm

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[34.02] Implications of Lorentz Invariance Violation for Gamma-ray and Cosmic Ray Astrophysics

F.W. Stecker (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)

There has recently been much interest in the prospect of Lorentz invariance violation (LIV) in physics at energies beyond those accessible to accelerators. Such LIV is predicted in some forms quantum gravity models and models involving extra dimensions. LIV has possible implications for explaining the ultrahigh energy cosmic ray spectrum near and beyond the predicted GZK cutoff. Studies of the spectra of extragalactic TeV gamma-ray sources can also be used to quantitatively constrain LIV and exclude some quantum gravity and extra dimension models. These results and implications for high energy astrophysics will be presented.

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