35th Meeting of the AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy, April 2004
Session 3 Stars \& Galaxies
Oral, Wednesday, April 21, 2004, 2:15-6:20pm,

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[3.07] Periodic Orbits Close to 1:1:1 Resonance in Spheroidal Galaxies

I. Wytrzyszczak (Astronomical Obs., A. Mickiewicz University, Poland), A. Elipe (Grupo de Mecanica Espacial, Univ. de Zaragoza, Spain), S. Breiter (Astronomical Obs., A. Mickiewicz University, Poland)

The motion of stars in prolate and oblate spheroidal galaxies is studied. Using a combination of Lissajous and Poincare transformations, we introduce the set of action-angle-like variables. Then, we perturb the problem of the 1:1:1 resonance motion in a spherical, homogenous galaxy, assuming the perturbing potential in the polynomial Ferrers form. We find the orbits that are periodic with respect to the radial and latitudinal oscillations, by inspecting the equilibria of a normalized system. Imposing additional constraints, we find orbits that are periodic in all three coordinates with respect to the system that rotates with a galaxy. Linear stability of orbits is investigated.

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