AAS 204th Meeting, June, 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 8. UV/Optical Universe at Ultra-High Angular Resolution

Topical Realted Poster, Monday, May 31, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Ballroom

8.01 Spatial Differences of Nebular Structure Very Close to Eta Carinae
K. E. Nielsen (CUA & NASA/GSFC), T. R. Gull (NASA/GSFC), G. Vieira (SSAI & NASA/GSFC), Eta Car HST Treasury Team
8.02 Eta Carinae: Changes in the MUV and NUV across the 2003.5 Minimum
T. R. Gull (NASA/GSFC), K. E. Nielsen (CUA & NASA/GSFC), G. Vieira (SSAI & NASA.GSFC), F. Bruhweiler, E. Verner (CUA & NASA/GSFC), Eta Car HST Treasury Team
8.03 The character of the Eta Car ejecta absorption
G. Vieira (SSAI & NASA/GSFC), K. E. Nielsen (CUA & NASA/GSFC), T. R. Gull (NASA/GSFC), F. Bruhweiler, E. M. Verner (CUA & NASA/GSFC), Eta Car HST Treasury Team
8.04 The Evolution of Planetary Systems: Ultra-High Angular Resolution and Contrast Imaging and Spectral Imaging with VLST and SI
C.A. Grady (Eureka Scientific and GSFC), Bruce Woodgate (NASA's GSFC)
8.05 Imaging Quasar Broad Emission Line Regions with Ultra-high Resolution
M. Karovska, M. Elvis (CfA)
8.06 Characterizing Dark Energy Through Nano-Arcsecond Astrometry of Quasars
M.J. Pierce (University of Wyoming), W.C. Cash (University of Colorado)
8.07 Cepheids Geometrical Distances Using Space Interferometry
M. Marengo, M. Karovska, D.D. Sasselov (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), M. Sanchez (Dept. of Physics, Harvard University)
8.08 Ultra-high Resolution Imaging of Cepheid Pulsation
D. Sasselov, M. Karovska, M. Marengo (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
8.09 Stellar Magnetic Activity, the Earth and Exoplanets: How Future Space Missions Can Contribute to Understanding Solar Activity and Solar-terrestrial Influences
S.L. Baliunas, W.W.-H. Soon (CfA/MWO)
8.10 The Stellar Imager (SI) ``Vision Mission"
K. Carpenter, W. Danchi, J. Leitner, A. Liu, R. Lyon, L. Mazzuca, R. Moe (NASA-GSFC), D. Chenette, C. Schrijver (LMATC), S. Kilston (BATC), M. Karovska (SAO), R. Allen (STScI), A. Brown (UCO), J. Marzouk (Sigma Sp.), N. Murphy (JPL), F. Walter (SUNY)
8.11 Approaches to Metrology and Pointing for a Long Baseline UV/Optical Imaging Interferometer in Space
J.D. Phillips, M. Karovska (SAO/CfA)
8.12 The Fizeau Interferometer Testbed (FIT): Developing and Testing the Technologies Needed for Space-Based Interferometric Imaging Systems
L. M. Mazzuca, K. G. Carpenter, R. G. Lyon (NASA GSFC), J. Marzouk, P. Cottle, P. Dogoda, H. Huet, P. Liiva, P. Petrone (Sigma Space Corp.), J.T. Armstrong, X. Zhang (NRL), L. Mundy (University of Maryland), D. Mozurkewich (Seabrook Engineering), G. Solyar (GEST UMBC)
8.13 Stellar Imager: Assessing the Impact of the Interstellar Medium on Sub-milliarcsecond UV Imaging
G. M. Harper (University of Colorado), Stellar Imager Vision Mission Team
8.14 TPF Coronagraph: Pathway toward full mission architecture
V. G. Ford, P. D. Lisman, S. Shaklan, M. White, T. Hull (JPL)

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