AAS 204th Meeting, June, 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 47. When the Sun Went Wild

Topical Session, Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 2:30-4:00pm, 4:15-6:00pm, 702/704/706

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47.01 Solar Flares as Probes of Particle Acceleration Processes
A.G. Emslie (UAH)
47.02 Active Region Evolution and Activity During the Storms of Halloween 2003
P. T. Gallagher (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/L-3 Com GSI)
47.03 Subphotospheric Dynamics During the Period of Massive Solar Flares
A. G. Kosovichev (Stanford University), T. L. Duvall, Jr (NASA GSFC)
47.04 Title Requested
S. Krucker (Space Science Lab, University of California), RHESSI Team
47.05 Rapid Changes of Sunspot Structure Associated with Major Flares in AR 10486
C. Liu, N. Deng, J. Qiu, P. R. Goode, C. Denker, H. Wang (NJIT)
47.06 Stereoscopic Observations of the Hard X-ray Source in the Giant Solar Flare on 4 November 2003
S. R. Kane, J. M. McTiernan, K. Hurley (Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley)
47.07 Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy & Imaging - What We Learn About Flares From High-Energy Ions
G.H. Share, R.J. Murphy (NRL), G.J. Hurford, R.P. Lin, A.Y. Shih (SSL/UCB), D.M. Smith (UCSC), R.A. Schwartz (NASA/GSFC)
47.08 Temporal Variability of Gamma-Ray Lines from the X-Class Solar Flares of October-November 2003
A. Y. Shih (Department of Physics and Space Sciences Laboratory, UC, Berkeley), D. M. Smith (Department of Physics and Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, UC, Santa Cruz), R. P. Lin (Department of Physics and Space Sciences Laboratory, UC, Berkeley), R. A. Schwartz (NASA GSFC), G. H. Share, R. J. Murphy (E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research, NRL)
47.09 Coronal Mass Ejections When the Sun Went Wild
N. Gopalswamy (NASA/GSFC), S. Yashiro (Catholic University), A. Vourlidas (Naval Research Laboratory), A. Lara, G. Stenborg (Catholic University), M. L. Kaiser (NASA/GSFC), R. A. Howard (Naval Research Laboratory)
47.10 ISOON Observations of Late-Cycle Solar Flares and Associated Activity During October and November 2003
D Neidig (AFRL)
47.11 H alpha Doppler Observations and Movies of the X-class Flares on 2003 Nov 2 and 2003 Nov 4
S. F. Martin (Helio Research)
47.12 Near Infrared Obsevations at 1.56 \mum of the 2003 October 29 X10 White-Light Flare
Y. Xu, W. Cao, C. Liu, G. Yang, J. Qiu, J. Jing, C. Denker, H. Wang (Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research, NJIT)
47.13 Soft X-ray Parameters of the Great Flares of Active Region 486
A. L. Kiplinger (U. of Colorado and NOAA/SEC), H .A. Garcia (NOAA/SEC)
47.14 Source Motions and Foot-point Asymmetries in the 2003 October-November X-class Flares Observed by RHESSI
W. Liu, Y. W. Jiang, S. Liu, V. Petrosian (Dept. of Physics, Stanford University)
47.15 Thermal and non-thermal energies of solar flares
P. Saint-Hilaire (Institute of Astronomy, ETHZ; Paul Scherrer Institut), A.O. Benz (Institute of Astronomy, ETHZ)
47.16 Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission in Two-Ribbon Flares
H. Warren (NRL)

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