AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 43 Galaxy Surveys and Galaxy Clusters
Poster, Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 10:00am-7:00pm, Ballroom

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[43.10] NICMOS Properties of the Chandra Deep Fields

J. W. Colbert, H. I. Teplitz, L. Yan (Spitzer Science Center), M. A. Malkan (University of California, Los Angeles), P. J. McCarthy (Carnegie Observatories)

We discuss the NICMOS near-infrared properties of ~40 X-ray detected sources from the Chandra Deep Fields North and South, the majority of which lie within the Hubble Deep Field North and the Ultra Deep Field. We detect all of the Chandra sources with NICMOS. The X-ray emitters appear to be relatively bright in the near-infrared, with most 2-3 magnitudes brighter than the limiting near-infrared magnitude for these fields. The NICMOS morphologies are fairly symmetric, with a wide range of concentrations similar to those of non-X-ray emitting NICMOS field galaxies. Most of the X-ray sources have J-H colors typical of faint galaxies detected in NICMOS images. However, we find a large percentage that are anomalously red at the faint end of the distribution.

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