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Session 41 Spitzer Space Telescope
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[41.14] Spitzer Commissioning Observations of the HII region DR6

S. J. Carey, J. Rho, W. T. Reach, W. J. Glaccum, B. Bhattacharya, M. Lacy, S. Laine, P. J. Lowrance, B. O. Nelson, D. Stern, J. A. Surace, G. Wilson (Spitzer Science Center)

The HII region DR6 and the associated infrared star cluster DB7 (Dutra & Bica 2001, A&A, 376) were observed with the IRAC instrument on the Spitzer Space Telescope as part of the in-orbit checkout and science verification activities. We present the IRAC images at 3.6, 4.5, 5.8 and 8.0 microns of the region. The images reveal a lane of extinction in the mid-infrared running through the center of the HII region, a halo of emission predominantly at 4.5 microns, and extended emission at 5.8 and 8.0 microns. The extended emission is the result of the winds and radiation field of the exciting stars interacting with the ambient interstellar medium, while the 4.5 micron emission is likely from molecular hydrogen on the periphery of the HII region. Comparison of 2MASS and Spitzer source lists reveal several point sources undetected by 2MASS. These sources are either highly obscured cluster members or young stellar objects associated with DR 6.

This work is based on observations made with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology under NASA contract 1407. Support for this work was provided by NASA through an award issued by JPL/Caltech.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: carey@ipac.caltech.edu

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