AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 37 Solar Magnetic Fields and the Photosphere
SPD Poster, Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 10:00am-7:00pm, Ballroom

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[37.11] Characterizing Solar Surface Turbulence

P. Schuck, J. Chen, I. Schwartz (United States Naval Research Laboratory), V. Yurchyshyn (Big Bear Solar Observatory)

The identification and characterization of solar surface turbulence is particularly important for understanding the dynamics associated with eruptive phenomena. In this paper, we present a wavelet analysis for characterizing surface turbulence associated with solar eruptions. By definition, solar eruptions represent impulsive events rather than a statistical steady state and the analysis of impulsive events requires both time and frequency localization for proper robust characterization. Thus, the wavelet (time-frequency) basis represents integral ingredient for the analysis.

In this paper, H-\alpha turbulence on the solar disk is characterized by estimating the local-frequency-wavenumber distribution (local dispersion relation) of the fluctuations. The local frequency wavenumber distribution is computed by generalizing established two-point multi-scale wavelet interferometric techniques [1-3] for the multipoint data represented by solar images. The local-wavenumber-distribution produces robust estimates for the phase velocities of fluctuations in the sequence of solar images.

[1] J. L. Pinçon, P. M. Kintner, P. W. Schuck and C. E. Seyler, Observation and analysis of lower hybrid solitary structures as rotating eigenmodes, \textit{J. Geophys. Res.}, \textbf{102}, 17283\--17296, 1997.\\

[2] P. W. Schuck, C. E. Seyler, J. L. Pinçon, John Bonnell, and P. M. Kintner, Theory, simulation and observation of discrete eigenmodes associated with lower hybrid solitary structures, \textit{J.~Geophys. Res.}, \textbf{103}, 6935\--6953, 1998.\\

[3] J. W. Bonnell, P. W. Schuck, J.\--L. Pinçon, C. E. Seyler, and P. M. Kintner, Observation of bound states and counter\--rotating lower hybrid eigenmodes in the auroral ionosphere, \textit{Phys. Rev. Lett.}, \textbf{80}, 5734\--5737, 1998.\\

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