AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 9 Clusters of Galaxies
Poster, Monday, May 31, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Ballroom

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[9.10] Non-linear evolution of the pre-whitened cosmological power spectrum

C. D. Rimes (JILA, U. Colorado), A. J. S. Hamilton (JILA and APS, U. Colorado), N. Y. Gnedin (CASA and APS, U. Colorado)

We present some results from a study of the non-linear evolution of the cosmological matter power spectrum. Non-linear evolution of the power spectrum introduces correlations between the power on different scales, so that a 1:1 mapping of linear to non-linear power (e.g.\ the well-known Peacock & Dodds method) is neccessarily only an approximation. These correlations can be reduced significantly by the technique of ``pre-whitening''. We have used a set of scale-free, self-similar N-body simulations to investigate whether the pre-whitened power offers a better mapping.

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