AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 3 Stellar-Solar Connection
SPD Poster, Monday, May 31, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Ballroom

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[3.05] Radiative Hydrodynamic Simulations of Solar and Stellar Flares

J. C. Allred, S. L. Hawley (University of Washington), W. P. Abbett (UC Berkeley)

We have constructed radiative hydrodynamic simulations of the effects of flare heating on model solar and dMe stellar atmospheres. The heating is assumed to be driven by a beam of non-thermal electrons originating in the corona and impacting on the lower transition region and chromosphere. We use thick target bremsstrahlung fits to RHESSI hard X-ray observations of the July 23, 2002 and February 26, 2002 flares to model the electron beam. Our simulations include detailed calculations of numerous bound-bound and bound-free transitions which we compare with line profiles measured during flares on the Sun and on the dMe star AD Leo. We also investigate the possibility that the 511 keV emission line is produced from a significant amount of material at transition region temperatures.

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