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[7.17] Speckle Imaging of Binary Stars with the RYTSI Speckle Camera and the Kitt Peak Mini-Mosaic Imager

E. P. Horch, H. Riedel (UMass Dartmouth), W. F. van Altena (Yale U.), R. D. Meyer (RIT), C. Corson (NOAO)

The RYTSI speckle camera, completed in 2001 and currently located at the WIYN Observatory at Kitt Peak, is a device that allows speckle images to be recorded on any large-format CCD device. It uses a two-axis galvanometric scanning mirror system to move the location of the target in a serpentine step-and-stop pattern, thus building up a sequence of speckle images that covers the CCD chip prior to full-frame readout. In February of 2004, the RYTSI device was combined with the Kitt Peak Mini-Mosaic imager for speckle observations at the WIYN 3.5 m Telescope. The mechanics and successes of that observing run are reported, including some diffraction-limited image reconstructions of binary stars. Estimates of the capabilities of the RYTSI/Mini-Mosaic combination based on this experience are also discussed. This work is funded by NSF Grant AST-0307450.

The WIYN Telescope is a joint facility of the University of Wisconsin-Madison,Indiana University, Yale University, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatories.

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