AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 76 Data Handling, Computation
Poster, Thursday, June 3, 2004, 9:20am-4:00pm, Ballroom

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[76.09] Portal to the GALEX Data Archive

M. A. Smith, A. Conti (STScI/CSC), B. Shiao (STScI), C. A. Volpicelli (OAT)

In early February MAST began its hosting of the GALEX public "Early Release Observations" images (40,000 objects) and spectra (1000 objects). MAST will host a much larger "first release," the GALEX DR1, in October, 2004. In this poster we describe features of our on-line website at http://galex.stsci.edu for researchers interested in downloading and browsing GALEX UV image and spectral data. The site, is based on MS .NET technology and user queries are entered for classes of objects or sky regions on a "MAST-like" query forms or with detailed queries written in SQL. In the latter case examples are provided to tailor a query to a user's specifications. The site provides novel features, such as tooltips that return keyword definitions, "active images" that return object classification and coordinate information in a 2.5 arcmin radius around the selected object, self-documentation of terms and tables, and of course a tutorial for new navigators. The GALEX database employs a Hierarchial Triangular Mesh system for rapid data discovery, neighbor searches, and cross correlations with other catalogs. Our "GMAX" tool allows a coplotting of object positions for objects observed by GALEX and other US-NVO compliant mission websites such as Sloan, 2MASS, FIRST.... As a member of the new Skynode network, GALEX has reported its web services to the US-NVO registry. This permits users to generate queries from other sites to cross-correlate, compare, and plot GALEX data using US-NVO protocols. Future plans for limited on-line data analysis and footprint services are described.

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