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[78.03] ``What Are Astronomers Doing?" at McDonald Observatory: An Education/Public Outreach Website and Museum Kiosk

M. K. Hemenway, S. L. Preston, R. A. Johnson, C. H. Young, P. S. Connor, A. C. Summers (U TX-Austin), M. J. Tykoski (Round Rock Ind. School District)

``What are Astronomers Doing?" is a weekly updated web site and on-site kiosk that details current research at McDonald Observatory for the general public. At any given time, site visitors will find descriptions of all research going on that week on the Observatory’s three traditionally scheduled telescopes, a description of an approved trimester project for the queue-scheduled Hobby-Eberly Telescope, and descriptions of any maintenance or special public events on the telescopes. There is also a ``NASA Astronomer of the Week" profile in which some of the featured astronomers are those who perform research that does not require McDonald telescopes. Each project write-up is accompanied by a biography of the astronomer or engineer in charge. Graduate-student, undergraduate, and K-12 teacher interns prepared material for the site. All text is edited by a professional editor and tech edited for accuracy by astronomers. Additionally, site-related classroom activities are available for grade 6-12 classrooms. The web template is available for use by other institutions. We gratefully acknowledge the support of NSF 0227870 ``What Are Astronomers Doing?: A Project for MPS Internships in Public Science Education" and support for the ``NASA Astronomer of the Week" profile by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under an Education and Public Outreach supplement to Grant/Contract/Agreement No. NAG5-13057 issued through the Office of Space Science.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: http://www.mcdonaldobservatory.org/research/

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