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Session 6 Stars: Winkin' and Blinkin'
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[6.06] Spectroscopic Observations of Pulsationally Variable Stars at the Middlebury College Observatory

S. J. Ratcliff (Middlebury College)

The Middlebury College Observatory 0.6m reflecting telescope and a fiber-fed CCD spectrograph are being used to obtain time series of red spectra (580-680 nm, approx. 0.25 nm resolution) of pulsationally variable stars. The primary program is directed toward stars classified as SRd in the GCVS; RV Tau - type stars are included as time permits. Even for the faintest stars included in the program (cutoff approx. Vmax = 10.5), the spectral coverage and resolution readily allow the study of H-alpha emission or absorption strength variation, which is common in these stars, and also allow the determination of (and variation in) temperature spectral class for the cooler specimens. The brighter stars are furthermore amenable to radial velocity determinations at the level of a few km/s. In addition, the spectroscopic program accommodates observations of shorter-period variables, for which radial velocity curves may be derived. Results for the delta Scu - type variable VZ Cnc are presented as an example.

This work is made possible by the Middlebury College Academic Leave program.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: ratcliff@middlebury.edu

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