AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 12 Undergraduate Astronomy Curriculum
Poster, Monday, May 31, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Ballroom

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[12.04] Astrochemistry: An Honors Approach to General Chemistry

M.M. Montgomery (Brevard Community College & Florida Institute of Technology), D. McClinton (Brevard Community College)

Astrochemistry at the collegiate level offers gifted and high achieving students at the secondary education level to explore careers in science and math. This program reinforces the foundation of scientific instruction, yet provides for advanced specialized learning for the college-bound gifted student. Students examine basic chemical theories and their connections with the applications of physics to astronomy. In this program, students meet individuals in related career fields and tour local companies that use high technology.

We present our program design that is funded by the Florida Department of Education, Govenorís Summer Program 2004. We also present our alternative teaching strategies including examples of our computer tutorials and our incorporation of the Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) approach, a newly funded NSF project that focuses on national dissemination of POGIL methods and materials. We present our reflection methods of student evaluations that are not related to grades. This program can be modified to offer college students a four-credit basic chemistry class, but with application to astronomy and physics.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: MsDisk@aol.com

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