AAS 204th Meeting, June 2004
Session 50 AGN Mass Ejection and X-ray/UV Connection
Topical Session, Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 8:30-10:00am, 10:45am-12:30pm, 707/709

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[50.04] Chandra high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of Seyfert 1 galaxies

J.S. Kaastra (Space Research Organization Netherlands)

We present the analysis of the X-ray spectra of the Seyfert 1 galaxies NGC 5548 and Mrk 279. The X-ray spectra were obtained with the LETGS and HETGS spectrometers of Chandra during two long campaigns involving HST-STIS for both sources as well as FUSE for Mrk 279. The combination of both the X-ray and UV spectroscopy allowed us to obtain unique spectral diagnostics of the AGN outflow. We found absorption lines spanning several orders of magnitude in ionization parameter. The derived column densities are in good agreement with models involving density-stratified streamer-like outflows. In addition to the narrow absorption lines, we found both narrow and broad X-ray emission lines, with physical parameters very similar to the optical/UV narrow and broad line regions.

The Space Research Organization Netherlands is supported financially by NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

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