AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 93 Stars, Their Facts and Legends

Poster, Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Hanover Hall

93.01 The Spectrum of HD 965: Evidence for Anomalous Ionization
D. J. Bord (UMich-Dearborn), C. R. Cowley (UMich-Ann Arbor), S. Hubrig, G. Mathys (ESO)
93.02 The likely presence of nuclides with short half-lives in HD965 and HD101065 (Przybylski's Star)
C.R. Cowley (Univ. of Michigan), W.P. Bidelman (Case Western Reserve Univ.), S. Hubrig, G. Mathys (European Southern Observatory), D.J. Bord (U. of Mich. Dearborn)
93.03 Line absorption in the FUSE spectrum of the CP star 17 Com A
G. M. Wahlgren (CUA/Lund), S. Ivarsson, S. Johansson (Lund), C. R. Proffitt (CUA/STScI), S. J. Adelman (The Citadel), J. Rice, A. F. Gulliver (Brandon Univ.), G. Hill (Keck Obs.), D. S. Leckrone (NASA/GSFC), D. P. Smith (UNLV)
93.04 New Low-resolution Absorption Feature Indices for Measuring Abundance Ratios in Galaxies
J. S. Serven, G. Worthey (Washington State)
93.05 Abundance Analysis of Horizontal Branch Stars From the HK Survey.
S.I. Young, R. Wilhelm (Texas Tech)
93.06 Implications of M dwarf Metallicities: The Mass-Luminosity Relationship and Planetary Companions.
J. L. Bean, G. F. Benedict, C. Sneden, M. Endl (University of Texas and McDonald Observatory), C. M. Johns-Krull (Rice University), T. J. Henry (Georgia State University)
93.07 An XMM-Newton Study of \sigma2 Coronae Borealis
J.A. Suh, M. Audard (Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory), M. Güdel (Paul Scherrer Institut)
93.08 HD 172147: An M III Star with a Possible debris Disk
S. D. Bloom (Hampden-Sydney), D. E. Backman (Franklin and Marshall), R. O. Gray (Appalachian State)
93.09 Synthesis of the Infrared Spectra of Stars
C.C. Yost, R.O. Gray (Appalachian State Univ.)
93.10 Modelling the Infrared Emission from Dust Disks
A. Li, J.I. Lunine, G.J. Bendo (University of Arizona)
93.11 DUSTY simulations of the normal circumstellar shell around IRAS 19396+2338
B. M. Lewis (Arecibo Observatory)
93.12 The Velocity Structure of the Circumstellar Nebula of the Extreme Red Supergiant VY CMa
G. Ruch, R. M. Humphreys (Univ. Minn.), G. H. Herbig (Univ. Hawaii)
93.13 New Candidates for Dust-forming Hot Stars
A.S. Miroshnichenko, K.S. Bjorkman (Univ. Toledo), A.V. Kusakin (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow, Russia), R.O. Gray (Appalachian State Univ.), N. Manset (CFHT Corp.), V.G. Klochkova, M.V. Yushkin (Special Astrophys. Observ., Nizhnyj Arkhyz, Russia), R.J. Rudy, D.K. Lynch, S. Mazuk, C.C. Venturini (Aerospace Corp.), R.C. Puetter (Univ. California San Diego), R.B. Perry (NASA Langley Research Center)
93.14 Obscured Carbon Stars in the LMC
T. Do, K. H. Hinkle, R. Joyce (NOAO)

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