AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 86 Education: NASA's Great Observatories

Poster, Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

86.01 HETE Education and Public Outreach Program
I. L. Porro (MIT Center for Space Research)
86.02 Grassroots & New Media Outreach: A Match Made In Heaven
C. A. Price, J. A. Mattei (AAVSO)
86.03 Hubble Goes IMAX: 3D Visualization of the GOODS Southern Field for a Large Format Short Film
F. J. Summers, J. M. Stoke, L. J. Albert, G. T. Bacon, C. L. Barranger, A. R. Feild, L. M. Frattare, J. P. Godfrey, Z. G. Levay, B. S. Preston (STScI), L. M. Fletcher (Cambridge), GOODS Team
86.04 Measuring the Impact of the Hubble Space Telescope’s Amazing Space Formal Education Program
J. D. McCallister, B. Eisenhamer (Space Telescope Science Institute)
86.05 The Invisible Universe Online for Teachers – A SOFIA and SIRTF EPO Project
A. Gauthier (Steward Observatory), M. Bennett (ASP), S. Buxner (CAPER Team), E. Devore (SETI Institute), J. Keller (LPL), T. Slater (Steward Observatory), M. Thaller (JPL), Conceptual Astronomy and Physics Education Research (CAPER) Team
86.06 Inquiry-based Science Activities Using The Infrared Zoo and Infrared Yellowstone Resources at Cool Cosmos
D. Daou (IPAC, SIRTF Science Center), A. Gauthier (Steward Observatory)
86.07 College Astronomy Teaching Excellence Workshops
T.F. Slater (University of Arizona), M. Bennett (Astronomical Society of the Pacific), W.M. Greene (NASA JPL Navigator EPO Program), S. Pompea (NOAO), E.E. Prather (University of Arizona)
86.08 Formative Evaluation: Answering the Big Questions
B. Eisenhamer, L. Knisely (Space Telescope Science Institute), D. Daou (SIRTF)

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