AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 77 Jets and Outflows and X-Rays from Young Stars

Poster, Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

77.01 Simulations of Slowly Precessing Molecular Jets
A. Rosen (Armagh Observatory, Dublin City University), M.D. Smith (Armagh Observatory)
77.02 A COMPLETE Search for Molecular Outflows in Perseus
C. Fallscheer (California Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obispo), M. Borkin, N. Ridge, S. Schnee, A. Goodman (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
77.03 Fabry-Perot Coronographic Imaging of the Herbig AE Star HD163296
E.J. Wassell (Catholic University (CUA)), C.A. Grady, B. Woodgate, F. Bruhweiler (NASA/GODDARD)
77.04 He I \lambda10830 as a Probe of Winds in Accreting Young Stars
W. J. Fischer (Univ. of Massachusetts), S. Edwards (Smith College), J. Kwan (Univ. of Massachusetts), L. A. Hillenbrand (CalTech), A. K. Dupree (Harvard-Smithsonian, CfA)
77.05 X-Winds in Collision
F.P. Wilkin, S. Lizano (UNAM/CRyA)
77.06 Young Stellar X--Rays: Chandra Observations of the \sigma Orionis Cluster
N.R. Adams-Wolk, S.J. Wolk (CfA), F.M. Walter, W. Sherry (SUNY-S.B.), R. Jeffries (Keele), T. Naylor (Exeter)
77.07 Chandra Observation of the Trifid Nebula: X-ray emission from the exciting O star complex and Pre-main sequence stars
J. Rho, S. Ramirez (SSC/Caltech), M. Corcoran, K. Hamaguchi (NASA/GSFC), B. Lefloch (LAOG, France)
77.08 X-rays from Massive Young Stars: New Results from Chandra and XMM-Newton
S. Skinner (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder), S. Zhekov (Space Research Institute - Sofia, Bulgaria), M. Audard (Columbia Univ.), M. Gagne (West Chester Univ.), M. Guedel (Paul Scherrer Inst. - Villigen, Switz.)
77.09 Chandra Observations of LMC Star Clusters
M. Yukita (SAO), R.E. Kilgard (SAO/University of Leicester), A.H. Prestwich (SAO)

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