AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 39 Supernova Remnants

Poster, Tuesday, January 6, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

39.01 X-rays from SNR1987A, V: the saga continues...
D. N. Burrows, S. Park (Penn State), S. A. Zhekov (Space Research Institute), R. McCray (JILA)
39.02 An Updated Analysis of Chandra Observations of the Eastern Limb of the Vela SNR
P.P. Plucinsky, R.K. Smith, R.J. Edgar, T.J. Gaetz, P.O. Slane (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), W.P. Blair (Johns Hopkins University)
39.03 Determining 44Ti Abundances in CasA with X-ray Astronomy
M. F. Theiling, M. D. Leising (Clemson University)
39.04 SNR 1E0102.2-7219 from a new angle
K.A. Flanagan, A.C. Fredericks, C.R. Canizares, D. Dewey, J.C. Houck (MIT CSR)
39.05 Nucleosynthesis in The Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8 from Chandra X-Ray Spectroscopy
S. Park (Penn State), J. P. Hughes (Rutgers), P. O. Slane (CfA), D. N. Burrows, P. W. A. Roming, J. A. Nousek, G. P. Garmire (Penn State)
39.06 XMM-Newton Observations of the Galactic Supernova Remnant CTB 109
M. Sasaki, P.P. Plucinsky, T.J. Gaetz, R.K. Smith, R.J. Edgar, P.O. Slane (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
39.07 A Soft X-ray Point Source in G293.8+0.6
C.M. Olbert (University of North Carolina), J.W. Keohane (JPL/Caltech), E.V. Gotthelf (Columbia University)
39.08 Polarization of Radio and X-ray Synchrotron Emission from Shell Supernova Remnants
S. P. Reynolds (NC State U.)
39.09 Growth of Carbon Solids in Supernova Ejecta
E. A.-N. Deneault, D. D. Clayton (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Clemson University)
39.10 Collisionless Shock Heating in Astrophysics: Observations of Shocks in Supernova Remnants and Coronal Mass Ejections.
K. E. Korreck (University of Michigan), J. C. Raymond (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), T. Zurbuchen (University of Michigan)
39.11 Probing Multiple Core Samples through the SN 1006 Remnant by UV Absorption Spectroscopy
P. F. Winkler (Middlebury Coll.), K.S. Long (STScI), R.A. Fesen (Dartmouth Coll.), A.J.S. Hamilton (U. Colo.)
39.12 FUSE Observations of Oxygen-rich Ejecta in Puppis A
W.P. Blair, R. Sankrit, P. Ghavamian (JHU/CAS), J.C. Raymond (SAO), J.A. Morse (ASU)
39.13 First Detection of Ultraviolet Emission from Four Balmer-Dominated LMC SNRs with FUSE
P. Ghavamian, R. Sankrit, W. P. Blair ()
39.14 Discovery of Two Type Ia Supernova Remnants in the LMC: DEM L238 and DEM L249
K.J. Borkowski, S.P. Hendrick, S.P. Reynolds (NCSU)
39.15 Identification of Six New SNRs in the LMC
R. C. Smith, S. Points (NOAO/CTIO), Y.-H. Chu (Univ. of Illinois), P. F. Winkler (Middlebury College), Magellanic Cloud Emission-line Survey Collaboration
39.16 Radio Expansion Studies of Two Historical Supernova Remnants: SN1006 and SN1572
C. Caldwell, D. A. Moffett (Furman University), E. Reynoso (IAFE, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
39.17 A Survey of OH (1720 MHz) Maser and OH (1665/7 MHz) Absorption Lines toward Supernova Remnants
J.W. Hewitt, F. Yusef-Zadeh, D.A. Roberts (Northwestern U.), R. Maddalena (NRAO)
39.18 Spectral Index Variations Within and Around the SNR IC443
D.A. Leahy (University of Calgary)

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