AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 19 Focus on Undergraduate Astronomy

Poster, Monday, January 5, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

19.01 Building Space Science Capabilities at Minority Universities—the First Three Years
P.J. Sakimoto, J.D. Rosendhal, L.P. Cooper, E.M. Cohen (NASA Headquarters)
19.02 Bashing Pseudoscience in Academia
S. Hameed (Smith College/Umass-Amherst), G.M. Robinson, J. Moulton (Smith College)
19.03 The TSU Streaming Video Astronomy Course – I, Course Content
G. S. Burks (Tennessee State University)
19.04 Radio Astronomy in the Undergraduate Curriculum
J. E. Payne, J. L. Brown, D. K. Walter (South Carolina State University)
19.05 Astronomy 101 Students Learning How Science Works by Writing Credible Observing Proposals
H.L. Shipman (University of Delaware)
19.06 Project LITE Spectroscopy
E. Weeks, K. Brecher, P. Carr, P. Garik (Boston U.)
19.07 Undergraduate Research and the Growth of a Department
R. J. Dukes (Coll. Charleston)
19.08 Astronomical Research at Valdosta State University
K.S. Rumstay, M.A. Leake, C. Barnbaum (Valdosta State University and SARA)
19.09 Undergraduate Student Research at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
N. S. van der Bliek, A. B. Whiting, R. C. Smith (CTIO / NOAO)
19.10 NovaSearch Online: Research Experience in Astronomy 101
C. A. Pilachowski (Indiana University), T. Rector (University of Alaska at Anchorage), F. Morris, H. Tebbe (Indiana University)
19.11 Urban Astronomy: The Astronomy Club at Georgia State University
B. Ruiz, E. Grundstrom, K. Marshall, J. P. McFarland, M. V. McSwain, M. A. Osterman, N. Veerabathina, D. W. Wingert (Georgia State University)
19.12 Improving the Introductory Astronomy Experience with Robotic Telescopes
R. Gelderman (Western Kentucky Univ.)
19.13 A New Telescope Control System for The SRT Radio Telescope
K. M. Ivarsen, R. L. Mutel (University of Iowa)
19.14 Interferometry on the Sun using a Yagi-Uda Array and a Small Radio Telescope (SRT)
D.B.P. Gobeille (Connecticut College), A.E.E. Rogers, J.A. Ball, P. Pratap (MIT Haystack Observatory)

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