AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 120 Gravitational Lensing

Poster, Thursday, January 8, 2004, 9:20am-4:00pm, Hanover Hall

120.01 Assessing The Influence of Finite Source Effects on Microlensing Light Curves for Non-Transit Events
M. H. Vils (University of Wisconsin), R. Ignace (East Tennessee State University)
120.02 Binary Sources and Binary Lenses in Microlensing Surveys of MACHOs
N. Petrovic (Columbia University), R. Di Stefano (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Tufts University), R. Perna (Princeton University)
120.03 Results from Two Surveys Indicating Massive Lensing Objects in The Halo of M31
A.P.S. Crotts (Columbia U.), J.T.A. de Jong (Kapteyn A.I.), R.R. Uglesich (Columbia U.), E.A. Baltz (Stanford U.), K.H. Kuijken (Kapteyn A.I.), P.D. Sackett (M.S.S.S.O.), R.P. Boyle (Vatican O.R.G.), W.J. Sutherland (I.o.A.), P. Cseresnjes (Columbia U.), C.J. Corbally (Vatican O.R.G.), G. Gyuk (U. of Chicago), L.M. Widrow (Queen's U.)
120.04 Are the MACHO Microlenses in Front of the Megallanic Clouds or Inside Them?
M.S. O'Brien, A.M. Hughes (Department of Astronomy, Yale University), K.C. Sahu (Space Telescope Science Institute)
120.05 Bayesian Photometric Redshift Analysis of Deep ACS and Ground-based Imaging of Abell 1689
D. A. Coe, N. Benitez (JHU), T.J. Broadhurst (Racah Inst. Physics, Hebrew U.), K.C. Zekser (JHU), R.L. White (STScI), B. Frye (Princeton U.), H.C. Ford (JHU), G.D. Illingworth (UCO/Lick Obs.), ACS Science Team
120.06 Observation of cluster substructure using higher order weakly lensed moments.
J. Irwin, M. V. Shmakova (SLAC)
120.07 Galaxy Structure and External Perturbations in Gravitational Lenses
Y. Kawano, T. Matsubara, S. Ikeuchi (Nagoya University), M. Oguri (University of Tokyo)
120.08 Weak Lensing Analysis of Two z~0.8 Clusters with Advanced Camera for Surveys
M. Jee (JHU), R.L. White (STScI), H. Ford, N. Benitez (JHU), G.D. Illingworth (UCO/Lick Obs.)
120.09 Strong Lens Modeling of Advanced Camera for Surveys Observations of Abell 1689
K.C. Zekser (Johns Hopkins University), R.L. White (STScI), T.J. Broadhurst (Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel), N. Benitez, H.C. Ford, D. A. Coe (Johns Hopkins University), ACS Science Team
120.10 The Most Widely Separated Lensed QSO
A.R. Marble, C.D. Impey, K.A. Eriksen, L. Bai (University of Arizona), L. Miller (Oxford)

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