AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 113 Molecules and Atoms at High Z and Low Z

Poster, Thursday, January 8, 2004, 9:20am-4:00pm, Grand Hall

113.01 Probing the Sizes of Absorbers: Correlations in the z~3.5 Lyman-alpha Forest Between Parallel Lines of Sight
G. Becker, W. L. W. Sargent (CalTech), M. Rauch (OCIW)
113.02 An Estimate of the Primordial Helium Abundance Using Cloudy
R.L. Porter, G.J. Ferland (University of Kentucky)
113.03 Molecular Hydrogen as a probe of physical conditions in high red-shift Damped Ly\alpha Absorbers
G. Shaw, G. Ferland (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kentucky), R. Srianand (IUCAA, India)
113.04 Searches for High Redshift Neutral Hydrogen and Radio Frequency Interference
G. Langston, F. Ghigo, J. Acree (NRAO)
113.05 Serendipitous Discovery of the 2175 Angstrom Dust Feature at High Redshift from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
J. Wang, J. Ge (Penn. State), P.B. Hall (Princeton Univ.)
113.06 Housing Weak Mg II Absorbers In The Cosmic Web
N. Milutinovic, J.C. Charlton, J. Ding, J.R. Masiero, C. Palma (Penn State), J.R. Rigby (U. of Arizona)
113.07 The Nature of Low redshift Damped Lyman Alpha Systems
T. C. Urrutia (UC Davis, IGPP LLNL), M. Lacy (SIRTF Science Center), R. H. Becker (UC Davis, IGPP LLNL), L. J. Storrie-Lombardi (SIRTF Science Center), M. D. Gregg (UC Davis, IGPP LLNL)
113.08 A Survey of Ly\beta, OVI and CIII Absorbers in the Low-Redshift IGM
C. W. Danforth, J. M. Shull, J. L. Rosenberg (University of Colorado)
113.09 Exploring Redshifts of Galaxies in the Sightline Towards the z=0.223 Quasar PKS0312-770
S. S. Giandoni (New Mexico State University/University of Wyoming), H. A. Kobulnicky (University of Wyoming), J. Prochaska (University of California, Santa cruz), S. Hwang, D. C. Kiminki (University of Wyoming)

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