AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
Session 82 Mass and Energy Matters
Poster, Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

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[82.11] Very High Redshift Supernova Discoveries with Subaru/Surpime-Cam

N. Yasuda (NAOJ), M. Doi (U.Tokyo), S. Perlmutter (LBNL), I. Hook (Oxford), R. Pain (LPNHE Paris), C. Lidman (ESO), G. Aldering (LBNL), R. Amanullah (Stockholm), P. Antilogus, P. Astier (LPNHE Paris), G. Blanc (Padova), M.S. Burns (Colorado Col.), A. Conley, S.E. Deustua (LBNL), R. Ellis (CalTech), S. Fabbro (Lisbon), V. Fadeyev (LBNL), G. Folatelli (Stockholm), A.S. Fruchter (STScI), G. Garavini (Stockholm), R. Gibbons, G. Goldhaber (LBNL), A. Goobar (Stockholm), D. Groom (LBNL), D. Hardin (LPNHE Paris), D.A. Howell (Toronto), M. Irwin (IOA Cambridge), D. Kasen, A.G. Kim (LBNL), R.A. Knop (Vanderbilt), B.C. Lee (LBNL), R. McMahon (IOA Cambridge), J. Mendez (ING), S. Nobili (Stockholm), P.E. Nugent (LBNL), N. Panagia (STScI), C.R. Pennypacker, V. Prasad (LBNL), R. Quimby (Texas), J. Raux (LPNHE Paris), N. Regnault (LBNL), P. Ruiz-Lapuente (Barcelona), G. Sainton (LPNHE Paris), B. Schaefer (Texas), K. Schahmaneche (LPNHE Paris), E. Smith (Vanderbilt), A.L. Spadafora (LBNL), V. Stanishev (Stockholm), M. Sullivan (Toronto), N. Walton (IOA Cambridge), L. Wang, W.M. Wood-Vasey (LBNL), SCP Collaboration

We have carried out a series of very high redshift supernova searches (z > 0.9 with i' = 23.8 to 25.2 at discovery) with Subaru/Suprime-Cam. Suprime-Cam is the widest field imaging camera on 8-10m class telescopes and has a FOV of 33 x 26 arcmin. Searches have been performed for 3 seasons; spring 2001, spring 2002, fall 2002 and the searched area has been 4, 7, and 5 fields, respectively. The number of candidates discovered is 106 in total and 27 are confirmed to be supernovae by spectroscopic observation (and an additional 5 have been confirmed by good lightcurve sampling). Photometric follow-up observations by HST WFPC2 and ACS has been done for 8 of them. Among the supernovae we have discovered, 12 have a redshift greater than 0.9, thus exploring the epoch of deceleration. In the fall 2002 run, with the cooperation of the observatory project (Subaru-XMM Deep Survey) and dedicated scheduling, we also obtained light curves for 16 supernovae from the ground. These studies demonstrate that Subaru/Suprime-Cam has a high efficiency for the discovery of very high redshift supernovae.

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