AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
Session 112 The Milky Way and Its Environs
Poster, Thursday, January 8, 2004, 9:20am-4:00pm, Grand Hall

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[112.02] X-ray Point Sources in Baade's Window from Chandra

S. Laycock, J. Grindlay, J. Hong, E. M. Schlegel, M. van den Berg, P. Zhao (CfA)

We present preliminary results for the X-ray point sources detected in our recent (July, 2003) Chandra observation of Baade's window (see Grindlay et al, this conference, for initial Chandra and HST results). For sources in this lowest extinction window in the galactic bulge, the 100 ksec ACIS-I observation reached a sensitivity limit of Lx ~3 x 1030 erg/s and thus provides the first census of low luminosity X-ray sources and accretion powered binaries in the Bulge for comparison with the Galactic Center region, Galactic Plane and globular clusters. The source number counts distribution (logN-logS) for the inner 5 arcmin of the ACIS-I field, X-ray color-color diagram and preliminary variability analysis for point sources in the field will be presented. This targeted observation complements and extends the coverage of the galactic plane in our Chandra Galactic Plane survey, (ChaMPlane, cf. Grindlay et al 2003, AN, 324, 57) and our ChaMPlane studies of the central galactic bulge (see Hong et al and Zhao et al, this conference). A followup low extinction field (Stanek's window), closer to the galactic center, will be observed in the upcoming Chandra cycle to further constrain the source population and gradients in the central bulge.

This work is supported by NASA grants AR2-3002A and GO3-4033A.

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