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Session 82 Mass and Energy Matters
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[82.22] The SNAP Standard Star Program

J.A. Smith (LANL), S.S. Allam (NMSU), R.C. Bohlin (STScI), S.E. Duestua (AAS), D. Ebbets (Ball), S. Kent (Fermilab), M. Lampton (UC-Berkeley), B.E. Laubscher (LANL), N. Mostek, S. Mufson (Indiana), M.W. Richmond (R.I.T.), D.L. Tucker (Fermilab), B. Uzpen (Wyoming)

The Supernova/Acceleration Probe (SNAP; http://snap.lbl.gov) will observe over 2000 Type Ia supernova. The photometric observations will cover the wavelength range 0.35 - 1.7 microns, essentially the Johnson B to Glass H filter range. These filters will allow coverage of the supernovae out to a redshift of z=1.7. The filter set will be composed of nine wideband filters, redshifted from the restframe. Due to the "non-standard" design, calibration of the observations will require a new system of standard stars.

We present our plans to develop the standard star network to support the SNAP science mission. The science requirements for the program require an accuarcy in color determination of 2% in the optical and 3% in the near infrared. In turn, these requirements drive the precision of the standard stars to be approximately one-half these uncertainties. While that precision is not difficult for most standard star systems, our flight detectors saturate at about V=19, requiring the SNAP standard star network to be fainter than any other system currently in use.

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