AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
Session 99 Stuff in the Milky Way Galaxy
Oral, Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 10:00-11:30am, Regency VI

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[99.01] Detection of Sagitarius A* at 330 MHz with the Very Large Array

M. Nord (Naval Research Laboratory / UNM), T.J.W. Lazio, N.E. Kassim (Naval Research Laboratory), W.M. Goss (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), N. Duric (University of New Mexico)

We report the detection of Sagitarius A*, the radio source associated with the Milky Way's central ~3 million solar mass black hole, in a high resolution, high sensitivity, 330 MHz Very Large Array image. This is the lowest radio frequency detection to date of this source. Implications for the spectrum, emission processes, and location of Sagittarius A* with the respect to nearby objects are discussed.

Basic research in radio astronomy at the NRL is supported by the Office of Naval Research. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.

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