AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
Session 120 Gravitational Lensing
Poster, Thursday, January 8, 2004, 9:20am-4:00pm, Hanover Hall

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[120.07] Galaxy Structure and External Perturbations in Gravitational Lenses

Y. Kawano, T. Matsubara, S. Ikeuchi (Nagoya University), M. Oguri (University of Tokyo)

We investigate the effect of galaxy structures and external perturbations in four quadruple lens systems. The results clearly indicate that the higher-order multipoles and the external perturbations significantly contribute to the lens potential. In particular some of the recently reported anomalous flux ratios may be fitted by smooth mass model. We also find that complicated group potential makes the fitting very difficult.

This work is supported by Grant-in-Aid for JSPS fellows.

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