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Session 94 Embedded Protostars
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[94.14] Compact Mid-IR Emission from High-Mass Protostellar Candidates

M.F. Campbell (Colby Col.), T.K. Sridharan (CfA), M. Kassis (Keck Obs.), J.L. Hora (CfA), L.K. Deutsch (BU/CfA), H. Beuther (CfA)

We used MIRSI on the IRTF to obtain 10 and 25 micron images and 10 micron grism spectra of candidate high-mass protostellar objects (HMPOs) from the list of 69 objects of Sridharan et al. (2002). Our main selection criteria within the list were that the sources appear relatively bright and compact in MSX bands C (12.1 microns) and E (21.3 microns), and have peaked emission the 1.2 mm maps of Beuther et al. (2002). A few sources were chosen as likely hot molecular core candidates. 80% of 22 sources were detected by MIRSI at the IRTF, and grism spectra were observed for about half of them. Typically, we detected single sources with sizes only marginally larger than the diffraction limited beams of about one arcsec. Only a few are multiple or extended. A sample source image and a spectrum are presented.

References: Sridharan, T. K. et al. 2002 ApJ, 566, 931. Beuther, H. et al. 2002 ApJ, 566, 945.

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