AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
Session 53 Pulsars and Other Neutron Stars
Poster, Tuesday, January 6, 2004, 9:20am-6:30pm, Grand Hall

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[53.01] Fluctuation properties and polar emission mapping of pulsar B0834+06 at decameter wavelengths

A.A. Deshpande (Raman Research Institute, and NAIC/Arecibo Observatory), A. Asgekar (Raman Research Institute, JAP/ Indian Institute of Science, and Uni. of Manitoba)

Recent results regarding subpulse-drift in pulsar B0943+10 have led to the identification of a stable system of subbeams circulating around the magnetic axis of the star. Here, we present single-pulse analysis of pulsar B0834+06 at 35 MHz, using observations from the Gauribidanur Radio Telescope. Certain signatures in the fluctuation spectra and correlations allow estimation of the circulation time and drift direction of the underlying emission pattern responsible for the observed modulation. As far as we know, this would be the only other pulsar for which the circulation time of polar emission pattern is estimated. We use the `Cartographic Transform' mapping technique to study properties of the polar emission pattern. These properties are compared with those of B0943+10, and the implications are discussed.

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