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Session 93 Stars, Their Facts and Legends
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[93.08] HD 172147: An M III Star with a Possible debris Disk

S. D. Bloom (Hampden-Sydney), D. E. Backman (Franklin and Marshall), R. O. Gray (Appalachian State)

The faint IRAS source, F18342+5913, is one of may which have not been well studied. It is shown here that this IRAS source is identified with the the star HD 172147 (V=8.28) and additional data indicate there is possibly a dusty circumstellar disk around this star. This dust may originate from the sublimation of comets heated by the increasing luminosity of the evolving star. Though originally classified as a K5 star, we also conclude from the most recent visual and infrared data (including spectroscopy) that this star was spectrally misclassified in the HD catalogue, and is an M0 IIIab giant. As such, it is only one of few M giants to have a debris disk. We further conclude that the star must be nearly nine times more distant than indicated by the Tycho parallax (60.6 pc).

S. Bloom has made use of a Summer Faculty Fellowship grant provided by Hampden-Sydney College.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: sbloom@hsc.edu

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