AAS 203rd Meeting, January 2004
Session 115 Dwarf, Irregular and Starburst Galaxies
Poster, Thursday, January 8, 2004, 9:20am-4:00pm, Grand Hall

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[115.04] Dark Matter Halo Properties of Nearby, Late-type Galaxies

M. Tavarez (U. of Michigan/U. of Washington), M. Mateo (U. of Michigan), J. Dalcanton (U. of Washington)

With the advent of detailed simulations of galaxy formation, specific predictions are being made on the structure of dark matter halos on galaxy scales. However most dark matter halos of low surface brightness and dwarf irregular galaxies show some level of disagreement with the predictions. To better test these models, we have embarked on a study of 15 nearby, late-type galaxies, carefully chosen to provide the most consistent tests of model predictions. We have obtained to date, deep broad band BVR and narrow band H\alpha imaging of each to better constrain the luminous, baryonic component in these galaxies. To constrain the core kinematics of these systems, we have obtained deep, long-slit H\alpha spectroscopy. Using new/archival VLA/WSRT full synthesis HI observations, we have determined the kinematics at large radii and the rotation curves. We will present hybrid HI/Halpha rotation curves and preliminary mass models for a subset of our sample.

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