DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 6. Icy Galilean Satellites

Oral, Chairs: C. Phillips and W. Moore, Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 3:30-5:30pm, DeAnza III

6.01 Tidal Deformation of Ice Shells on Ganymede and Callisto
W.B. Moore, G. Schubert (UCLA)
6.02 Sulfate Content of Europa's Ocean: Evolutionary Considerations
W.B. McKinnon (Dept. EPSc, Washington Univ, Saint Louis), M.E. Zolensky (NASA JSC, Houston)
6.03 Regional Topographic Characteristics of The Galilean Satellites
P.M. Schenk (Lunar and PLanetary Institute)
6.04 Numerical Simulations of Convection in Europa's Ice Shell: Implications for Surface Features
A.P. Showman (Univ. Arizona), L. Han (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6.05 Thermally Induced Compositional Buoyancy as a Means of Creating Dome Topography on Europa
R. T. Pappalardo, A. C. Barr (University of Colorado, LASP)
6.06 Flexure of Europa's lithosphere due to ridge-loading
T.A. Hurford, R.A. Beyer, R. Greenberg (University of Arizona)
6.07 Lineament azimuth sequence on Europa: The Cadmus-Minos region revisited
A. R. Sarid, R. Greenberg, P. Geissler (LPL, Univ. of Arizona), G. V. Hoppa (Raytheon Missle Systems)
6.08 Consequences of Secondary Crater Dominance
E. B. Bierhaus (Lockheed Martin), C. R. Chapman, W. J. Merline (SwRI)
6.09 Europa's Opposition Surge in the Near-Infrared: Interpreting Disk-Integrated Observations by Cassini VIMS
D. P. Simonelli (Senior NRC Research Associate / JPL), B. J. Buratti (JPL)
6.10 Mapping the distribution of crystalline water ice on the surface of Europa using high-resolution near infrared spectroscopy
R. M. E. Mastrapa (University of Arizona), J. P. Emery (NASA Ames), R. H. Brown (University of Arizona)
6.11 Ice and Non-ice Spectral Properties of Ganymede and Callisto
G. B. Hansen, C. A. Hibbitts (Planetary Science Institute)
6.12 Light Scattering in Ice Mixtures: Effects on Abundance Estimates of Surface Composition
W. D. Smythe, R. M. Nelson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), A. S. Hale (Jet Propulsion Labotatory), B. W. Hapke, J. L. Piatek (University of Pittsburgh)

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