DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 49. KBO and Centaurs I

Oral, Chairs: M. Buie and S. A. Stern, Saturday, September 6, 2003, 3:30-5:40pm, DeAnza III

49.01 The Caltech survey for the brightest Kuiper belt objects
C. A. Trujillo, M. E. Brown (Caltech)
49.02 The Emerging Dynamical Structure of the Trans-Neptunian Region: Deep Ecliptic Survey Results
M.W. Buie, R.L. Millis, L.H. Wasserman (Lowell Observatory), J.L. Elliot, S.D. Kern, K. Clancy (MIT), E.I. Chiang, A.B. Jordan (UC Berkeley), K.J. Meech (U. Hawaii), R.M. Wagner (LBT), D.E. Trilling (U Penn)
49.03 The Size Distribution of Kuiper Belt Objects from a Deep HST/ACS Survey
G. M. Bernstein (University of Pennsylvania), R. L. Allen (University of British Columbia), M. E. Brown (Caltech), M. J. Holman (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), R. Malhotra (University of Arizona), D. E. Trilling (University of Pennsylvania)
49.04 Recent Results From The Hawaii Trans-Neptunian Variability Project
S. S. Sheppard, D. C. Jewitt (Univ. of Hawaii)
49.05 ESO Large Program on Centaurs and TNOs: The Ultimate Results from Visible Colors
N. Peixinho (LESIA, Obs. Paris, France & CAAUL, Obs. Lisbon, Portugal), H. Boehnhardt (MPIA, Germany), I. Belskaya (LESIA, Obs. Paris, France & KhAO, Ukraine), A. Doressoundiram, M. A. Barucci, A. Delsanti (LESIA, Obs. Paris, France), ESO Large Program Team
49.06 Correlation of Kuiper Belt Object Colors With Orbital Properties: Gray Objects In Hot Orbits
S.C. Tegler (N. Arizona U.), W. Romanishin (U. Oklahoma), G. Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory)
49.07 Discovery of transneptunian binaries with HST
K. S. Noll, D. Stephens (STScI), W. Grundy (Lowell Obs.), S. Tegler (NAU), W. Romanishin (U. Oklahoma), D. Cruikshank (NASA/Ames)
49.08 Comparison of the Heliocentric and Absolute Magnitude Distributions of KBOs with Satellites to Other KBOs
S.A. Stern (SwRI)
49.09 Formation of Kuiper Belt Binaries
R. Sari, P. Goldreich (Caltech), Y. Lithwick (Berkeley)
49.10 Asymmetric Capture in the 2:1 Resonance
R.A. Murray, E.I. Chiang (UC Berkeley)
49.11 Survival of Trojan-Type Companions of Neptune During Primordial Planet Migration
S.J. Kortenkamp (Univ.\ Arizona & Planetary Science Inst., Tucson), R. Malhotra (Univ.\ Arizona), T. Michtchenko (Univ.\ São Paulo)
49.12 From Kuiper Belt to Comet: The Shapes of the Nuclei
D. Jewitt (Institute for Astronomy), S. Sheppard, Y. Fernandez (IfA)
49.13 The origin of short period comets
R. Malhotra (U. Arizona), R.L. Allen (UBC), G.M. Bernstein (U. Penn), M.E. Brown (Caltech), M.J. Holman (CfA), D.E. Trilling (U. Penn)

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