DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 47. Comets IV: Nuclei, Atmospheres and Dust

Oral, Chairs: S. C. Lowry and J. Pittichova, Saturday, September 6, 2003, 1:30-3:00pm, DeAnza III

47.01 Visual Colors of the Nucleus of Periodic Comet 2P/Encke
S.C. Lowry (QUB), P.R. Weissman (JPL)
47.02 Variations in the Nuclear Spectra of Comet 28P/Neujmin 1
H. Campins, J. Licandro, J. Guerra, M. Chamberlain, E. Pantin ()
47.03 133P/Elst-Pizarro: A Comet Amongst the Asteroids
H.H. Hsieh, D.C. Jewitt, Y.R. Fernandez (Inst. for Astronomy, U. Hawaii)
47.04 Physical Characteristics of the Asteroid-Like Nucleus of Comet LONEOS C/2001 OG108
Y.R. Fernandez (UH-IfA), P.A. Abell (RPI), P. Pravec (Astronomical Inst. ASCR), L.M. French (IWU), T.L. Farnham (UMd), M.J. Gaffey (UND), P.S. Hardersen (UND,RPI), P. Kusnirak, L. Sarounova (Astronomial Inst. ASCR), S.S. Sheppard (UH-IfA)
47.05 Are Comets 42P/Neujmin 3 and 53P/Van Biesbroeck Parts of one Comet?
J. Pittichova, K.J. Meech (IfA, UH), G.B. Valsecchi (IASFC-CNR, Italy), E.M. Pittich (AS-SAV, Slovak Republic)
47.06 Random Disruption of Cometary Nuclei by Rotational Spin-Up
P. R. Weissman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), D. C. Richardson (University of Maryland), W. F. Bottke (Southwest Research Institute)
47.07 Effects of Impacts and Splitting Events on Cometary Spin
N.H. Samarasinha (NOAO)
47.08 Advances in Simulations of Cometary Atmospheres: A Multi-fluid and Chemical Analysis Approach
M. Benna, P. R. Mahaffy (NASA-GSFC)
47.09 SOHO Observations of Comet C/2002 V1 NEAT
C.M. Lisse, T.L. Farnham (University of Maryland), Y.R. Fernandez (University of Hawaii), G.R. Lawrence (NASA/GSFC), G.H. Jones (NASA/JPL), J.S. Morill, M.D. Andrews, D. Hammer (NRL)

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