DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 37. Terrestrial Planets II

Poster, Highlighted on, Friday, September 5, 2003, 3:30-6:00pm, Sierra Ballroom I-II

37.01 More on Estimations of Lunar Elastic Thickness
S. Asmar (Jet Propulsion Laboratory & UCLA), G. Schubert, F. Nimmo (University of California, Los Angeles)
37.02 The Hybrid-Coordinate EPIC Atmospheric Model
T.E. Dowling, R. Morales-Juberías, Cs.J. Palotai (CPL/U. Louisville)
37.03 An explanation of the SO2 profile on Venus from the Vega 1 and 2 UV spectrometers
B. Fegley, L. Schaefer (Planetary Chemistry Laboratory, Washington University)
37.04 Craters and Air on Venus and Titan
K. J. Zahnle (NASA Ames), D. G. Korycansky (UC Santa Cruz)
37.05 Microphysical and Radiative Modelling of the Venus Condensational Middle Cloud
K. McGouldrick (Univerisity of Colorado (APS/LASP)), O. B. Toon (University of Colorado (PAOS/LASP))
37.06 The Opposition Effect in Two Component Mixtures
R. M. Nelson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), B. W. Hapke (University of Pittsburgh), W. D. Smythe, A. S. Hale (Jet Propulsion Labotatory), J. L. Piatek (University of Pittsburgh)
37.07 Development of a Multi-Planet Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Model
V.K. Parimi, R.P. LeBeau (U. Kentucky), T.E. Dowling (CPL/U. Louisville)
37.08 Metallic Snow in the Venusian Highlands
L. Schaefer, B. Fegley (Planetary Chemistry Laboratory, Washington University)

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