DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 3. Mars Atmosphere I

Oral, Chairs: T. A. Livengood and A. Colaprete, Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 10:30am-12:00noon, DeAnza I-II

3.01 Cloud-tracked Winds for the First MGS Mapping Year
H. Wang, A. Ingersoll (Caltech)
3.02 The Martian FUV Dayglow Observed by FUSE
G. R. Gladstone, K. D. Retherford, S. A. Stern (SwRI), R. Link (Algoma Research), S. W. Bougher (U. of Michigan)
3.03 Three-dimensional chemical modeling of the martian atmospheric composition
S. Lebonnois (LMD/IPSL, Paris, France), F. Lefevre (SA/IPSL, Paris, France), F. Montmessin (NRC, NASA Ames Research Center, USA), F. Forget (LMD/IPSL, Paris, France)
3.04 Meridional Mapping of Mesospheric Temperatures from CO2 Emission along the MGS Ground Track
T.A. Livengood (Challenger Ctr.), T. Kostiuk, K.E. Fast, J.N. Annen (NASA's GSFC), G. Sonnabend (NAS/NRC at GSFC), T. Hewagama (U. of MD)
3.05 The Mars Thermospheric LMD General Circulation Model: First comparisons with MGS aerobraking data
M. Angelats i Coll, F. Forget, F. Hourdin, Y. Wanherdrick (LMD, Paris, France), M.A. Lopez-Valverde, F. Gonzalez-Galindo (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, Granada, Spain), S.R. Lewis, P.L. Read (Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)
3.06 Temperature Inversions, Thermal Tides, and Water Ice Clouds in the Martian Tropics
D. P. Hinson (Stanford Univ.), R. J. Wilson (GFDL/NOAA)
3.07 Martian daytime clouds observed by MOLA, TES, and MOC
P.G. Ford (MIT Ctr. for Space Res.), G.H. Pettengill (MIT Ctr. for Space Res., and Dept. of Earth, Atmos. and Planetary Sci.)
3.08 Post Impact Mars Climate Simulations using a GCM
A Colaprete (SETI / NASA Ames), R. M. Haberle (NASA Ames), T. L. Segura, O. B. Toon (University of Colorado), K. Zahnle (NASA Ames)
3.09 UV Optical Properties of Aerosol Dust from HST STIS Spectra of Mars during the 2001 Dust Storm
J.D. Goguen, R.T. Clancy, M.J. Wolff (SSI), P.B. James (U. Toledo)

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