DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 27. Planet and Satellite Origins II: Accretion, Terrestrial Planets

Oral, Chairs: F. Spahn and T. J. Ahrens, Thursday, September 4, 2003, 3:40-5:50pm, DeAnza I-II

27.01 Chemistry of Collapse and Disk Accretion
S. D. Rodgers, S. B. Charnley (NASA Ames Research Center)
27.02 Radial drift, evaporation, and diffusion: enhancement and redistribution of silicates, water, and other condensibles in the nebula
J. N. Cuzzi, S. S. Davis (Space Science Division, Ames Research Center), A. R. Dobrovolskis (University of California, Santa Cruz)
27.03 Kinetic description of coagulation and fragmentation in mesoscopic particle ensembles
F. Spahn, Nicole Albers, Miodrag Sremcevic (Univ. Potsdam/Germany)
27.04 Particle Pile-ups and Planetesimal Formation
E. Chiang, A. Youdin (UC Berkeley Astronomy)
27.05 Rapid Growth of Small Solids in the Vicinity of Density Enhancements in a Non-uniform Solar Nebula
N. Haghighipour (DTM/CIW)
27.06 Modelling the Eccentricities of the Terrestrial Planets
J. Chambers (NASA Ames/SETI Institute)
27.07 Planetesimal Collisions and Terrestrial Planet Formation
Z. M. Leinhardt, D. C. Richardson (University of Maryland)
27.08 Collisional Evolution of Terrestrial Planets
C. B. Agnor, E. I. Asphaug (University of California, Santa Cruz)
27.09 Terrestrial Planet Formation Around Close Binary Stars
J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames), E. V. Quintana (NASA Ames and Univ. Michigan)
27.10 Simulating the Gas-Assisted Capture of Earth-sized Moons around Extrasolar Giant Planets
D.M. Williams (Penn State Erie, The Behrend College)
27.11 Effect of Giant Impact on Planetary Atmospheres
T. J. Ahrens, A. H. Shen, S. Ni (California Institute of Technology)
27.12 Tidal Disruption of Primordial Asteroids: A New Pathway for Meteorite Petrogenesis
E. Asphaug, C. Agnor, Q. Williams (UCSC), J.-M. Petit (CNRS), A. S. Rivkin (MIT)
27.13 Transport of Impact Ejecta from Earth to Mars
L. Dones (SwRI), B. Gladman (UBC), H. F. Levison (SwRI), J. A. Burns (Cornell)

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