DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 22. Asteroid Physical Studies I

Oral, Chairs: Clark and R.P. Binzel, Thursday, September 4, 2003, 10:30am-12:00noon, DeAnza III

22.01 Exploring Source Regions for Near-Earth Objects
R. P. Binzel (MIT), J. S. Stuart (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), A. S. Rivkin (MIT), A. W. Harris (Space Science Institute), S. J. Bus (U. Hawaii)
22.02 Constraining NEA albedos using near-infrared spectroscopy
A. S. Rivkin, R. P. Binzel (MIT), S. J. Bus (IRTF)
22.03 The Physical Characterization of Near-Earth Asteroids: Latest Results of a Program of Thermal-Infrared Observations
A. W. Harris (DLR, Berlin), M. Delbo (Obs. Turin), R. P. Binzel (MIT)
22.04 The Sizes and Albedos of Near-Earth Asteroids, Including 6489 Golevka, from Recent IRTF Observations
M. Mueller, A. W. Harris (DLR, Berlin), M. Delbo (Obs. Turin), S. J. Bus (Univ. Hawaii, Hilo)
22.05 X, E, M, and P-Type Asteroid Spectral Observations
B.E. Clark (Ithaca College), A.S. Rivkin (MIT), S.J. Bus (U. Hawaii), J. Sanders (Ithaca College)
22.06 M-Asteroids II: The search for weak spectral features on 16 Psyche, 125 Liberatrix and 136 Austria.
P.S. Hardersen, M.J. Gaffey (University of North Dakota), P.A. Abell (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
22.07 Mineralogical Constraints on Silicate-Rich Asteroids from SpeX
J. M. Sunshine (Science Applications International Corporation), S. J. Bus (U. Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy), T. H. Burbine (NASA GSFC), T. J. McCoy (Natl. Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution), R. P. Binzel (MIT)
22.08 Constraints on the Surface Composition of Trojan Asteroids from NIR Spectroscopy and Spectral Modeling
J.P. Emery (NASA Ames Research Center), R.H. Brown (Univ. Arizona/Lunar and Planetary Lab)
22.09 Multi-color adaptive optics imaging of asteroid 1 Ceres
C. Dumas (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), W. J. Merline (Southwest Research Institute), R. P. Binzel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), R. H. Brown (University of Arizona), T. Fusco (Onera - France), R. J. Terrile (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech)

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