DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 2. Io I

Oral, Chair: R. W. Carlson and R. Lopes, Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 10:30am-12:00noon, DeAnza III

2.01 Io: Global Heat Flow Redux
G.J. Veeder, D.L. Matson, A.G. Davies, T.V. Johnson, D.L. Blaney (JPL)
2.02 Lava Lakes on Io?
R.M.C. Lopes, L.W. Kamp, W.D. Smythe (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), R. Howell (University of Wyoming), P. Mouginis-Mark (University of Hawaii), J. S. Kargel (U.S.Geological Survey, Flagstaff), J. Radebaugh, E.P. Turtle, J. Perry (LPL, University of Arizona), D.A. Williams (Arizona State University), R.W. Carlson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), S. Doute (Laboratoire de Planetologie de Grenoble), Galileo NIMS Team
2.03 Regional Geologic Mapping of Io using Galileo Spacecraft Data
D.A. Williams, R. Greeley (ASU), L.P. Keszthelyi (USGS), E.P. Turtle, J. Radebaugh, W.L. Jaeger, M.P. Milazzo, A.S. McEwen (U. Arizona), J.M. Moore (NASA Ames), P.M. Schenk (LPI), R.M.C. Lopes (JPL)
2.04 Possible Surface Effects of Tidal Stress on Io
G.D. Bart, E.P. Turtle, W.L. Jaeger (U. of Arizona), L.P. Keszthelyi (USGS), R. Greenberg (U. of Arizona)
2.05 The Atmospheric Signature of Io's Prometheus Plume and Anti-Jovian Hemisphere: Evidence for a Sublimation Atmosphere
K.L. Jessup, J. Spencer (Lowell Observatory), G. E. Ballester (LPL, U. Arizona), M. Vigel (MIT), R. Howell (Geology and Geophysics, U. Wyoming), F. Roesler (Dept. of Physics, U. Wisconsin), R. Yelle (LPL, U. Arizona)
2.06 Io's Asymmetric, Sublimation-Dominated SO2 Atmosphere
J. R. Spencer, K. L. Jessup (Lowell Obs.), G. E. Ballester (LPL, U. Arizona), E. Lellouch (Obs. Paris Meudon), M. Lopez-Valverde (Inst. Astrofis. Andalucia), M. Richter (U.C. Davis)
2.07 Far-ultraviolet spectroscopy of Io from Cassini
A.R. Hendrix, C.J. Hansen (JPL/Caltech), A.I.F. Stewart (LASP/U. of Colorado)
2.08 Circumplanetary Neutrals from Io and Europa: Magnetospheric Impact and ENA Sources
W.H. Smyth, M.L. Marconi (AAS)
2.09 Interpreting Observations of Io Plasma Torus Variation
F. Herbert (LPL, University of Arizona)

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