DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 19. Mars Surface II

Poster, Highlighted on, Wednesday, September 3, 2003, 3:00-5:30pm, Sierra Ballroom I-II

19.01 Spectral Properties of a Nitrate-Bearing Halite Rock from the Chilean Desert and Applications to Astrobiology on Mars
J. L. Bishop, K. Warren-Rhodes (SETI Institute/NASA-ARC)
19.02 In situ Analysis of Carboxylic and Amino Acids on Mars by Solvent-extraction and Chemical Derivatization Coupled to Gas Chromatography
A. Buch, R. Sternberg, D. Meunier (U. Paris 12 et 7 (LISA) - CNRS), C. Szopa (Service d'Aéronomie (SA), UMR CNRS, Inst. Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)), M. Cabane (Service d'Aeronomie (IPSL CNRS), U. Pierre et Marie Curie (PARIS VI)), F. Raulin (U. Paris 12 et 7 (LISA) - CNRS), P. Mahaffy (NASA GSFC)
19.03 A Digital Spectral Library for Planetary and Terrestrial Spectroscopy Analysis
R.N. Clark, G.A. Swayze, R. Wise (USGS - Crustal Imaging and Characterization Team), K.E. Livo (USGS - Minerals Team), T.M. Hoefen, R.F. Kokaly (USGS - Crustal Imaging and Characterization Team), S.J. Sutley (USGS - Minerals Team)
19.04 Momentous Discoveries on Mars: Science outside the MEP pathways
R.W. Easter, M.L. Delitsky, E.S. Lamassoure (JPL), Mars Outpost Team
19.05 Gullies on Mars and Constraints Imposed by Mars Global Surveyor Data
J.L. Heldmann, M.T. Mellon (University of Colorado, Boulder)
19.06 The Imager for Mars Pathfinder Insurance Pan
K. E. Herkenhoff, L. A. Weller, J. R. Johnson (USGS Astrogeology Team)
19.07 Southern Hemisphere Craters on Mars with Possible Liquid Water
B.M. Lobitz (California State University, Monterey Bay), C.P. McKay, M.M. Averner (NASA Ames Research Center)
19.08 Particle Anisotropy Measurement and Reflectometry Prospects for Martian Field Studies on Mars Express
J.G. Luhmann, S.A. Ledvina (Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley), S.H. Brecht (Bay Area Research Corp.), S. Barabash (Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna), D. Winningham (Southwest Research Inst.)
19.09 Data Mining in the Remote Sensing Martian Data. Preliminary Results in the Search for Evaporites
G.A. Marzo, F. De Carlo, S. Fonti, V. Orofino (Department of Physics, University of Lecce, via Arnesano C.P. 193, Lecce, ITALY), T.L. Roush (NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000, USA)
19.10 Revised Modified Gaussian Model Analyses of Martian Meteorite Spectra
M. Parente (Stanford University), J. Bishop (SETI Institute/NASA-ARC)
19.11 Radiative Transfer Study of Exposure of Terrestrial and Martian Organisms During a Large Solar Flare
J. Scalo, D. S. Smith, J. C. Wheeler (Univ. Texas Austin)
19.12 Static Structure Factor Effects on Theoretical Emissivity Profiles of Martian Surface Dust
K. M. Pitman (Louisiana State University; Space Science Inst.), M. J. Wolff (Space Science Institute), G. C. Clayton (Louisiana State University)

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