34th Meeting of the AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy, May 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

6 Poster Papers

Posters, Chaired by H. F. Levison, Monday, May 5, 2003, 8:00pm

6.01 First Results from AGK2 Plate Remeasurements
N. Zacharias, S.E. Urban, T.J. Rafferty (USNO), L. Winter (Hamburg Observatory)
6.02 Constraints on Spiral Modes Propagating in the Solar Neighborhood
A. Quillen (U. Rochester)
6.03 Efficient Orbit Integration by Scaling for Kepler Energy Consistency
T. Fukushima (NAOJ)
6.04 A Method of Non-linear Harmonic Analysis and its Application to Determination of Planetary Precession in DE405
T. Fukushima (NAOJ), W. Harada (Tokyo Univ.)
6.05 The Gravity Field of the Saturnian System
R. A. Jacobson (JPL)
6.06 Migration of Asteroidal Dust Particles
S. I. Ipatov (NRC/NAS, NASA/GSFC, & Inst. Appl. Math., Russia), J. C. Mather (NASA/GSFC, USA), P. A. Taylor (University of Maryland, USA)
6.07 HST Astrometry of Saturn's Small Satellites
R.G. French, C.A. McGhee (Wellesley C.)
6.08 Three-Dimensional Simulations of High and Low-Mass Planets Embedded in Protoplanetary Disks
S.H. Lubow (STScI), M.R. Bate (Univ of Exeter), G.I. Ogilvie (IoA), K.A. Miller (Univ of Maryland)
6.09 Lunar and Artificial Satellite Laser Ranging: The Use of Queue Scheduling and Worth Functions to Maximize Scientific Results
P. J. Shelus, R. L. Ricklefs (University of Texas Center for Space Research), J. R. Wiant, J. G. Ries (University of Texas McDonald Observatory)
6.10 Coupled Orbital-Rotational-Tidal Dynamics of Io
S. Musotto (UCLA & Dept. Astronomy, Padova), F. Varadi, W. Moore (UCLA & IGPP), G. Schubert (UCLA)
6.11 Stable 1:2 Resonant Periodic Orbits in Elliptic Three-Body Systems
J. Couetdic (Ecole Centrale Paris), N. Haghighipour (DTM/Carnegie), F. Varadi, W. B. Moore (IGPP/UCLA)
6.12 Getting Physical: Rotation Rate Determination for PHAs
J. G. Ries, E. S. Barker (UT at Austin, McDonald Observatory), P.J. Shelus, R. L. Ricklefs (UT at Austin, Center for Space Research)
6.13 Candidate Asteroids for Discerning General Relativity and Solar Oblateness
J. L. Margot (California Institute of Technology)
6.14 On an Analytical Solution for the Minimum Distance between Two Confocal Elliptical Orbits Used as a Close Approach Filter
M. A. Murison (U.S. Naval Observatory), A. Munteanu (Benjamin Banneker Academic High School)
6.15 A search for asteroids on Earth horseshoe orbits
J. L. Margot (California Institute of Technology), P. D. Nicholson (Cornell U.)
6.16 The Distribution in Eccentricity and Inclination, as a Function of the Semi-major Axis of Asteroids
H. Varvoglis, S. Koukioglou (U. Thessaloniki, Greece)
6.17 Cutoff Energy Behavior for an Ideal Gas
M. Cahill (U. Wisconsin, Washington County)

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