34th Meeting of the AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy, May 2003
11 Disks
Oral, Wednesday, May 7, 2003, 8:30-10:30am,

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[11.06] Instabilities of Stellar Disks

M. A. Jalali, C. Hunter (Dept. of Mathematics, Florida State U.)

We investigate the instabilities of the flat isochrone and Kuzmin-Toomre disks using Kalnajs's matrix method. For the unperturbed disks in equilibrium, we introduce a new class of anisotropic distribution functions (DF) in the form f(E,Lz)=f0(E)+f1(E,Lz). At first, we prescribe f1(E,Lz), determine its corresponding surface density and subtract it from the model density. We then reproduce the remainder density by the isotropic part of the DF, f0(E). The DFs that we generate, enable us to control the population of circular, radial and rosette orbits. We investigate how the populations of these orbits influence the instability of our axisymmetric disks. To compute the matrix elements of Kalnajs's method, we choose orbital frequencies as the integration variables and regularize resonance singularities using the Legendre functions of the second kind. The response of the disk, and its unstable modes are then computed through an iterative scheme.

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