34th Meeting of the AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy, May 2003
3 Galactic Dynamics
Oral, Monday, May 5, 2003, 1:15-3:55pm,

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[3.01] Brouwer Award Lecture: Making Sense of the GAIA Catalogue

J.J. Binney (Oxford University)

In the five years from 2011 ESA's GAIA mission will conduct the first magnitude-limited astrometric survey of the whole sky. It will measure coordinates for about 109 stars to V~20. In the GAIA catalogue, stars brighter than V~15 will have parallaxes accurate to 10% out to distances R~10\,kpc. Stars brighter than V~17 will have radial velocities good to a few km\,s-1. An elaborate series of intermediate-band colours will be measured for all stars.

I will argue that to exploit this spectacular catalogue effectively, it will be necessary to construct around it a dynamical model of the Galaxy. The model will have to be constructed iteratively and exploit techniques from solar-system dynamics much more extensively than is usual in galactic astronomy. Thus the GAIA mission challenges us to break new ground in galactic dynamics.

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