34th Solar Physics Division Meeting, June 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 22 RHESSI Results III

Oral, Thursday, June 19, 2003, 9:00-10:30am, Auditorium

22.01 Stochastic Acceleration of Protons and Electrons: Gamma-Ray Emissions from LT and FP of Solar Flares
V. Petrosian (Dept. of Physics and Applied Physics, CSSA, Stanford Univ.), S. Liu (CSSA, Dept. of Physics, Stanford Univ.)
22.02 Why was there no Solar Energetic Particle Event Associated with the Gamma-ray-line Flare of 2002 July 23?
N Gopalswamy, B. R. Dennis, M. L. Kaiser (NASA/GSFC), S. Krucker, R. P. Lin (Berkeley), A. Vourlidas (NRL)
22.03 Studies of Microflares with RHESSI, Hard X-ray in BBSO H\alpha and MDI Magnetograms
C. Liu, J. Qiu, D. Gary (NJIT/CFSR/BBSO), S. Krucker (Berkeley/SSL), H. Wang (NJIT/CFSR/BBSO)
22.04 Energy estimates for solar flares using RHESSI and GOES SXI
A. Caspi (Space Sciences Lab & Dept. of Physics, UC Berkeley), S. Krucker (Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley), R. P. Lin (Space Sciences Lab & Dept. of Physics, UC Berkeley)
22.05 Evidence for Hard X-Ray Polarization from the Flare of 23 July 2002
M. L. McConnell (UNH), D. M. Smith (UCB), A. G. Emslie (UAH), G. J. Hurford, R. P. Lin (UCB), J. M. Ryan (UNH)
22.06 RHESSI Observations of Coronal Hard X-Ray Sources in Behind-the-limb Solar Flares
S. R. Kane (University of California, Berkeley)
22.07 Physical Implications of {\it{RHESSI}} Neutron Capture-Line Measurements
R. J. Murphy, G. H. Share (Naval Research Laboratory), X.-M. Hua (L3 Communications, EER Systems, Inc.), R. P. Lin, D. M. Smith (Space Science Lab., UC Berkeley), R. A. Schwartz (NASA/GSFC)
22.08 RHESSI Hard X-Ray Imaging Spectroscopy of the July 23, 2002 Solar Flare
A.G. Emslie (UAH), E.P. Kontar (University of Glasgow), S. Krucker, R.P. Lin (UC Berkeley)

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