34th Solar Physics Division Meeting, June 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 18 RHESSI Results II

Poster, Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 3:30-5:00pm, Mezzanine

18.01 Temporal Variability of Gamma-Ray Lines from the X-Class Solar Flare of 2002 July 23
A. Y. Shih, D. M. Smith, R. P. Lin, S. Krucker (Department of Physics and Space Sciences Laboratory, UC, Berkeley), R. A. Schwartz (NASA GSFC), G. H. Share, R. J. Murphy (E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research, NRL)
18.02 A Statistical Study of Limb Flares Observed by RHESSI: Imaging
W. Liu, Y. W. Jiang, V. Petrosian (Department of Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-4060), T. R. Metcalf (LMSAL, Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA 94304)
18.03 A Statistical Study of Limb Flares Observed by RHESSI: Relative Spectra of loop top and footpoint sources
Y. W. Jiang, W. Liu, V. Petrosian (Dept. of Physics, Stanford U.), J. McTiernan (Space Sciences Lab., UC, Berkeley)
18.04 RHESSI, TRACE, and the Spatial Neupert Effect
D.M. Zarro (EER Systems Inc. at NASA/GSFC), B.R. Dennis (NASA/GSFC), P. Gallagher (EER Systems Inc. at NASA/GSFC), A.K. Tolbert (SSAI at NASA/GSFC), D.C. Myers (EER Systems Inc. at NASA/GSFC)
18.05 RHESSI Observations of Electron Beam Stability
T. R. Metcalf, D. Alexander (LMSAL)
18.06 Characterization of the RHESSI 3-10 keV spectrum
H.S. Hudson (UCB), B.R. Dennis, K.J.H. Phillips, R.A. Schwartz (NASA/GSFC), D.M. Smith (UCB)
18.07 A Multi-wavelength Analysis of a Solar Limb Flare on 2002 April 15
L. Sui (CUA/GSFC), G. D. Holman (GSFC), D. E. Gary (NJIT), K. Shibasaki (NORH)
18.08 The Non-flare Solar Temperature and Emission Measure Observed by RHESSI
J. M. McTiernan (Space Sciences Lab, Univ. of California), J. A. Klimchuk (Naval Research Lab)
18.09 Thermal and Nonthermal Contributions to the Flare X-ray Flux
B. R. Dennis, K. J. H. Phillips (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), R. A. Schwartz, A. K. Tolbert (SSAI & NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), H. S. Hudson (U. Cal. Berkeley), RHESSI Team
18.10 RHESSI Observations of Two Occulted Solar Flares
P. Balciunaite, S. Krucker (Space Sciences Lab, UCB), S. Christe, R. P. Lin (Space Sciences Lab, UCB; Department of Physics, UCB)
18.11 Comparison of methods for determining hard X-ray source sizes
E. J. Schmahl (Astronomy Dept, University of Maryland), G. J. Hurford (Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley)
18.12 Nobeyama Radio Heliograph and RHESSI Observations of the X1.5 Flare of April 21, 2002
M.R. Kundu, V.I. Garaimov, S.M. White (Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park, MD), S. Krucker (Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA)
18.13 RHESSI Observations of Solar Hard X-ray Flares with and without Interplanetary Type III Radio Bursts
E. Rauscher, S. Krucker, R. P. Lin (Space Sciences Lab, U.C. Berkeley)
18.14 RHESSI Hard X-ray observations of the March 18, 2003 X-class Flare
M. D. Fivian, S. Krucker, R. P. Lin (Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley)

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