34th Solar Physics Division Meeting, June 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 1 Corona I

Oral, Monday, June 16, 2003, 9:00am-12:00noon, Auditorium

1.01 Magnetic Separators: Fault Lines in the Coronal Field
D.W. Longcope (Montana State University)
1.02 Coronal Hole Topology
S. K. Antiochos (Naval Research Laboratory)
1.03 Force-free Fields in Active Regions: Magnetic configurations and Energetics
S. Regnier, R. C. Canfield (Montana State University, Bozeman MT 59717, USA), T. Amari (Centre de Physique Theorique, Palaiseau 91128, France)
1.04 Force-Free Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Solar Corona
R. Wolfson (Middlebury College)
1.05 Linear force free field models of observed coronal loops
M.C. Lopez-Fuentes (Naval Research Laboratory and George Mason University), J.A. Klimchuk (Naval Research Laboratory)
1.06 Force-free Fields in Multiple Flux Systems and Solar Eruption
G. S. Choe, C. Z. Cheng (Princeton University)
1.07 Coronal Energy Release via Explosive Three-Dimensional Instability
R. B. Dahlburg, J. A. Klimchuk, S. K. Antiochos (NRL)
1.08 Damped Oscillations of Multithreaded Coronal Loops: results of 3D MHD Simulations
L. Ofman, J. Terradas (CUA and NASA GSFC)
1.09 3D MHD Simulation of the Interaction of Fast Magnetoacoustic Waves and Coronal Active Regions
J. Terradas, L. Ofman (CUA/NASA GSFC)
1.10 Propagating Disturbances in the Lower Solar Corona
M. J. Wills-Davey (Montana State University)
1.11 A High Frequency Wave Search using TRACE
C.E. DeForest (Southwest Research Institute), B.D. DePontieu (Lockheed), D.M. Hassler (Southwest Research Institute)

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