34th Solar Physics Division Meeting, June 2003
Session 20 Instrumentation
Poster, Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 3:30-5:00pm, Mezzanine

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[20.10] Results from the SwRI/LASP MXUVI Sounding Rocket Experiment (Feb. 8, 2002)

D. M. Hassler, C. E. DeForest, D. C. Slater (Southwest Research Institute), T. N. Woods (University of Colorado/LASP)

We present results of the Multiple XUV Imager (MXUVI) experiment from the February 8, 2002 LASP sounding rocket flight (NASA Flight 36.192, Tom Woods, PI). The MXUVI experiment had the dual purpose of providing inter-calibration for the SOHO/EIT and TRACE instruments and providing a constraint on the coronal helium abundance by direct comparison of the coronal Ly-alpha lines of He II (304 angstroms) and H I (1216 angstroms). The MXUVI provided full-disk solar images of Fe IX/X 171 and H I Ly-alpha 1216 for inter-calibration with the SOHO/EIT and TRACE instruments, respectively, as well as off-limb observations of the He II 304 and H I 1216 angstrom lines to provide a constraint on the coronal helium abundance.

This work has been funded in part by NASA under grant NAG5-5140 to Southwest Research Institute.

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